Week ending June 19, 2016


On June 14, hundreds of inmates at the Promontory Facility learned about community services available to help them stay on the road to recovery once they leave prison. Organized by inmates in the Con-Quest program, the second annual Recovery Day fair focused on “The Cost of Addiction.” It featured a 5K race, more than two-dozen information tables, speeches and performances by the Con-Quest Choir and Con-Quest Band.


Utah officials urged to ‘think big’ about developing post-prison Draper by Tony Semerad, The Salt Lake Tribune

“The swath of land beneath the Utah State Prison in Draper could become one of the most valuable and important pieces of real estate in state history, leaders heard Monday as they began to chart the site’s future.”

OPINION: Development of prison site should be the envy of the world by The Salt Lake Tribune

“Far too often, economic development efforts talked up by the private sector and by local governments amount to so much groveling.”


Sandy Motel Evacuated After AP&P Agents Find Man With Gun, Powdered Fentanyl by Jennifer Gardiner, Gephardt Daily

“A motel in Sandy had to be evacuated and seven people treated at a hospital after agents with Adult Probation and Parole found a man in a room with powdered Fentanyl.”


Asst. police chief: ‘What they’re doing right now isn’t working’ regarding parole board by Debbie Dujanovic, KSL

“A flood or fire at the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole’s Murray offices would wipe out thousands of inmate files and leave behind little or no hope of replicating them. The organization operates with a floor-to-ceiling paper file system and push carts that move manila folders from desk to desk.”


The Senate’s Popular Sentencing Reform Bill Would Sort Prisoners By ‘Risk Score’ by Lauren Kirchner, ProPublica

“At a time when Democrats and Republicans in Congress can’t agree on just about anything, there is one issue that unites them: the urgent need for criminal justice reform. A Senate bill on the issue has attracted an impressive 37 co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle. The Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act has gained support from figures as politically diverse as the Koch brothers and President Obama for its goals of reforming mandatory minimum sentences, reducing prison populations, and rehabilitating prisoners.”


A commutation gratitude story by Phillip Emmert, The Hill

“In December 2006, after I had served 14 years in federal prison, President Bush commuted my 22-year sentence. He took a chance on me, and that second chance changed my life.”

Idaho Banks on Therapy-based Treatment Reducing Recidivism by Laurie Welch, MagicValley.com

“A guy on the unit comes up and yells at you because you stepped on his bunk again getting to your bed. “How do you react?” said Terri Tackett, facilitator of a stress management class at North Idaho Correctional Institution.”

30 Years after Basketball Star Len Bias’ Death, Its Drug War Impact Endures by Jon Schuppe, NBC News

“In life, Len Bias was basketball’s next great hope, contender for a crown that went instead to Michael Jordan. In death, he became a trigger for the war on drugs.”

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