Week ending April 24, 2016



Our Lone Peak Facility was ground zero for our earthquake drill today as part of the Great Utah ShakeOut. The scenario had a collapsed hallway and injured staff and inmates. We had two teams respond to the facility as inmates were evacuated to the yards. The medical team responded to care for “injured” individuals, including a CPR dummy, while other staff went through the housing sections.


Utah social worker sentenced to prison for sexually abusing teen client by The Salt Lake Tribune

“A former Cache Valley school-based social worker who admitted to sexually abusing a teenage client last year was sentenced to prison on Monday.”

Getaway driver in deadly 1996 motel robbery faces human trafficking, prostitution counts by Bob Mims, The Salt Lake Tribune

“The convicted getaway driver in a deadly 1996 Utah motel robbery is back behind bars, this time on multiple counts of human trafficking and sexual exploitation involving two women.”


Project aims at second chances for former inmates by Chhun Sun, Colorado Springs Gazette

“Jesse Wiese knows that second chances don’t come easy. At 21, he robbed a bank at gunpoint and was later sentenced to eight years in prison. And after he was released in 2006, he tried to put his life together and become a lawyer.”

New culinary facility expected to reduce recidivism in Delaware by James Morrison, WDDE Delaware Public Media

“Delaware Governor Jack Markell announced plans Tuesday to create a new culinary training facility within the state’s largest prison.”

Many sent to jail to access treatment programs by Nick Smith, Bismarck Tribune

“More than two-thirds of North Dakota judges in a 2014 survey said they’ve sentenced someone to prison in order to receive help from mental or substance abuse treatment programs — even if not considered a high-risk offender.”

A great way to end recidivism: Give prisoners jobs by Emily Galvin, Slate

“Most people are at least intuitively aware of the connection between poverty and prison. As Bryan Stevenson, the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, has said, too often the opposite of poverty is not wealth—it is justice.”

Ohio senate approves $14M budget plan for 250-bed inmate treatment site by Jim Provance and Mark Reiter, The Blade (In CorrectionsOne.com)

“The Ohio Senate on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a $2.6 billion, two-year capital budget of bricks-and-mortar projects across the state that holds $14 million for a new 250-bed Lucas County inmate-treatment facility.”

RNC adopts resolution on Texas-style prison treatment by Mike Ward, Houston Chronicle

“Texas’ success with rehabilitation and treatment programs in its prisons is about to get a national audience. On Friday, a Republican National Committee panel adopted a resolution advocating the expansion of treatment and rehabilitation programs for non-violent offenders as a way to lower recidivism rates and save taxpayers billions in incarceration costs.”

Research Institute Highlights KDOC Programming in Reducing Recidivism by Interim Secretary Johnnie Goddard, Kansas Department of Corrections

“When the Kansas Department of Corrections set a goal to achieve and sustain recidivism reduction over fifteen years ago, it was quickly evident that a key component of any change had to be implementation of evidence-based programming, with strong fidelity, including independent evaluations.”

Clark County Coalition cuts return offender rate, saves tax money by Tiffany Y. Latta, Springfield News Sun

“Clark County Re-entry Coalition has received about $3 million in state and federal grants and more than $200,000 from county commissioners in recent years to reduce recidivism among ex-offenders.”

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