Criminal Justice Reform Recommendations

The Prison Relocation Commission said today it has four sites for a new Utah State Prison on its short list and may announce as soon as next week where those sites are located. Sites could be added or dropped as discussions proceed, according to Rep. Brad Wilson, R-Kaysville.

Today’s meeting focused largely on proposed criminal justice reform measures that could avert 97 percent of the predicted growth in the prison population over the next two decades. One proposal getting a lot of attention: changes to drug laws.

These slides present a summary of key findings of Pew Charitable Trusts’ analysis of the state’s correctional system and reform recommendations from the Commission’s subgroups. Ron Gordon, chairman of the Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, plans to place these reform recommendations before the 2015 Utah Legislature — and vowed to be back in 2016 with more.

reform findings 1 reform findings 2 reform findings 3 reform findings 4 reform findings 5 reform findings 6 reform findings 7 reform findings 8

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