Week ending Aug. 15, 2014


SLC police fatally shoot wanted fugitive outside 7-Eleven by Bob Mims, The Salt Lake Tribune

“A man gunned down by Salt Lake City police outside a convenience store was identified Thursday as a 21-year-old fugitive [Dillon Delbert Taylor] with a past criminal history including robbery, obstructing justice and alleged gang affiliations.”


For Aging Inmates, Care Outside Prison Walls by Christine Vestal, Stateline (via Kaiser Health News)

“Providing health care to an aging prison population is a large and growing costs for states. Not only do inmates develop debilitating conditions at a younger age than people who are not incarcerated, but caring for them in the harsh environment of prisons is far more expensive than it is on the outside.”

Summer Camp in State Prison: A Chance to Bond with Dad by Shereen Marisol Meraji, NPR

“On the list of activities for this summer camp: visiting Dad in a maximum security prison. The nonprofit group Hope House runs three camps to keep children connected with incarcerated dads who might not be close to home.”

Unkind Life for Young and Old by Jim Dwyer, The New York Times

“In a wheelchair, the 86-year-old man was getting ready for a parole board hearing to see if he might leave New York’s prison system after 33 years behind bars. It was essential that he express remorse for his crime. “He asked me to read the sentencing minutes,” said Elizabeth Gaynes, the director of the Osborne Association, an inmate advocacy organization. “He wasn’t sure he could remember his crime well enough, and was worried that he would sound like he wasn’t taking responsibility for it.”


Editorial: Utah should push for real corrections reform, The Salt Lake Tribune

“Being sent to prison can ruin someone’s life. Which is sort of the point. Knowing that is supposed to discourage people from committing crimes.”

Editorial: Utah joins states in a campaign to break the endless cycle of incarceration and recidivism, the Deseret News

“Utah’s decision to join several other states in a campaign to reform criminal corrections and sentencing policies is a reflection of a necessary evolution in how society deals with nonviolent offenders caught in a cycle of recidivism.”


Ogden man gets prison term for child porn by Morgan Briesmaster, Standard Examiner

“The family of an Ogden man accused of downloading dozens of pornographic images watched as pleaded guilty 10 times in court. David McColley, 60, entered guilty pleas to 10 of the 30 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, all second-degree felonies, Thursday morning.”

Woman awaits fate from state Board of Pardons by Tracie Sullivan, The Spectrum

“A Cedar City woman, who was sentenced Tuesday for theft by receiving stolen property, now awaits a hearing in front of the Board of Pardon and Parole to determine her fate. Ambree Blackner, 35, has been in the Iron County Jail since February when she was arrested on a second-degree felony for possession of stolen property.”

Sentencing report, The Pyramid (Daily Herald)

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