Week ending May 30, 2014


Utah doesn’t need firing squad or any other executioners by Jean Hill, opinion editorial, The Salt Lake Tribune

“I spent today knowing I would be shot to death before the end of it. After a night without sleep — what’s the point of sleeping when you face eternal rest in a few hours?”


Some States Opting out of Federal Prison Rape Law by Rebecca Boone, The Associated Press on ABC News

“Several states are refusing to comply with a federal law designed to reduce sexual assaults in prison, with governors criticizing the decade-old law as counterproductive and too expensive to implement.”

Utah Opts Out of Prison Rape Law Requirements, KUTV.com

“Utah is one of several states refusing to comply with a federal law designed to reduce sexual assaults in prison. Gov. Gary Herbert says in a letter to federal officials that he agrees with the goal of the Prison Rape Elimination Act [and] says Utah is taking steps to reduce assault.”


Utah Supreme Court denies death row inmate’s claims, The Salt Lake Tribune

“The Utah Supreme Court on Friday rejected a death row inmate’s claims that a trial judge erred by rejecting a request for funds to investigate whether [Taberon Dave] Honie’s trial attorney adequately represented him in connection with the vicious beating and killing of his ex-girlfriend’s mother.”

Utah prison inmate pleads not guilty to aggravated murder by Jessica Miller, The Salt Lake Tribune

“A 33-year-old Utah prison inmate accused of killing his cell mate last April has pleaded not guilty to homicide charges. Steven Crutcher was charged last September with first-degree felony aggravated murder in the April 20, 2013 death [of] his cell mate, 62-year-old Rolando Cardona-Gueton.”

Man pleads guilty to homicide charge after police reopen cold case from 1989 by Fox 13 News

“A man who is serving time in the Utah State Prison for a homicide has pleaded guilty to another homicide that took place more than 24 years ago. Gary Dean Hilfiker, 56, pleaded guilty as charged Friday and is scheduled to be sentenced June 13 in the Third District Court in Salt Lake City.”

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